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When you crack a tooth, knock one out, or lose a filling, you need an emergency dentist. At Allright Dental in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, caring dentist Shalini Mandapatti, DDS, sees you as soon as possible when you have an emergency — you don’t even need an appointment. Don’t delay treatment when you have a dental emergency. Call or walk into the Allright Dental offices for treatment as soon as possible during office hours. You can also book your appointment online.

Emergency Dentist Q & A

Why do I need an emergency dentist?

About 22% of women, men, and children experience a dental emergency in their lives. A dental emergency is a medical emergency that requires prompt care. You might need an emergency dentist if you or your child:

  • Loses a tooth  
  • Dislocates or breaks your jaw
  • Cracks or chips a tooth
  • Loses a filling 
  • Breaks a bridge or crown
  • Bleeds from the mouth
  • Has a toothache

When you have a dental emergency, come to Allright Dental immediately. Stay calm and remember the care guidelines outlined below.

What if my tooth gets knocked out?

Hold the tooth by the crown (not the root) and rinse it in cold water only (not warm or hot) for no more than a few seconds to remove dirt and debris. If possible, put the tooth back in its socket and bite down on damp gauze to hold in place. If you can’t put the tooth back or your child is too young to hold it in place, put it in a small container and cover it with milk or saliva.

What if my tooth is shattered?

Try to pick up as many pieces of the shattered tooth that you can find. Put the pieces in a jar filled with milk or saliva. Bite down on damp gauze to control pain or bleeding or cover the jagged pieces in your mouth with soft, sugarless chewing gum or paraffin wax.

What if my jaw is dislocated or broken?

If you think your jaw is broken or dislocated, close your mouth if you can and lightly tie a scarf or bandana around your head and under your chin. Go to the emergency room or urgent care. After your treatment, come to Allright Dental so your dentist can examine your teeth.

What if I bite my tongue or am bleeding from the mouth?

Rinse your mouth with cool water. Apply a cold compress and come to Allright Dental immediately.

Is losing a filling or crown really a dental emergency?

When you lose or break a filling or a crown, your tooth is vulnerable to damage and infection. You need to get the filling or crown replaced as soon as possible to preserve your tooth and oral health.

What if I have a toothache?

A toothache could be a sign of a cavity or infection. Take over-the-counter pain medication, use a cold compress to control pain and swelling. Contact Allright Dental right away.

If you need an emergency dentist, walk into the Allright Dental offices during business hours. You can call ahead of time or even schedule your appointment online.